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 South Gate Wesleyan Methodist Church



. Rod Blomfield

 South Gate - A Wesleyan Methodist Church

We are a warm and friendly group of people who try with  
 God's help to live the kind of life that brings honour to 
 Him. We look to the bible as primary source for direction
 in our worship and lifestyles.
What is a Wesleyan,,,,,, Read More

 Curriculum Vitae

Celebrate God's Grace in 2012

What's On at South Gate



Mission in the Solomon Islands
Pastor Kay Fulcher (previous Pastor of South Gate) heads up our ,,,    Read More

Church Family Picnic
Some of our seniors relaxing at our church Sunday School Picnic

Samoan Congregation
Fa'alaeo Umaga  leads the Samoan congregation, they meet every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday,,,     Read More

A member of the Qld Playgroup Asc. with regular meetings held every,,,     Read More

Where Are We, and When
Sunday Morning: 9.30am (Worship Service)

519 Mt Petrie Rd, Mackenzie Qld 4156 Australia   GET MAP

Situated approximately 17 kilometres south of Brisbane city in the suburb of Mackenzie  South Gate, Community Church benefits from peaceful and serene surroundings on its acreage property.  Frequent visits from Koalas, Peacocks and other wildlife, a large auditorium and our greatest resource, our congregational family, makes this an ideal choice for your place of worship.



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